Friday, April 21, 2006

My wife in 1983

My wife in 1983
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When I was courting my wife back in '83, I did this portrait of her in hopes of convincing her of the depth of my feelings.

I thought her father would appreciate how well I crafted the portrait, but I think he saw right through to my true intentions. But hey, I did end up marrying her! So my intentions were honorable :-)

And the best part is she still looks like this portrait. Lucky me.


Linda said...

Gorgeous portrait -- she's beautiful!

Laura said...

How glamorous! Very carefully modulated tones. You'd do it so differently now, wouldn't you? It's really fun to see your old work.

Chuck Rose said...

Hey Laura. Yes, you're right. I would do it very differently now. Back then I 'smudged' all the time. Always trying to smooth out the transitions. I don't do that anymore.

Carolyn said...

Gorgeous eyes!

Spider Girl said...

She's lovely--and she looks very confident.