Friday, May 26, 2006

Georgetown sketch One

Originally uploaded by chuckrose1.
OK, this is a really bad photo of my latest project. I am starting a 48'" x 30" urban landscape of a popular spot in Georgetown, a hot spot of Washington, DC.
I was ther last weekend for the opening of a friend's one man show at one of the better galleries in town. This was the view as I looked down the street. Keep coming back because I determined to NOT let this one sit on the shelf.


Kelebeginpulları said...

When I was searching for Moleskine images,I saw your beautiful blog:-)Really good drawing.Well...Hello from Istanbul,Turkey.I am also go to fine art.

Anonymous said...

I'm just fascinated by your blog. What's most encouraging is seeing the progressions. So often when I start something I get discouraged and disapointed, then not finish it. It's hard work. I thnk people expect artwork to just come out in a finished state with not practice. Your blog shows just how much work and practice it takes - even when someone is talented. It's encouraging to keep going.