Sunday, May 21, 2006

Giraffe at the National Zoo

Giraffe at the National Zoo
Originally uploaded by chuckrose1.
Jimmy, Amanda and I were looking this guy over. I believe it was Jimmy that said, "Wow, great CGI." And he was right. This animal is so strange looking you just don't expect him to be real. Giraffes look like something cooked up in a Hollywood special effects studio. What was God smoking when he decided giraffes would be really cool? I mean they are cool, and beautiful and a little rediculous all at the same time.


Linda said...

Cool and beautiful and ridiculous -- sounds like camels, too!
:-D Great drawing!

Chuck Rose said...

Yep. They're all in the same club.

jenny vorwaller said...

yes dear creator in the sky, pass me some of what you were having when you thunk him up!!

remember that poor guy who landed splayed on his legs and couldnt get up? ): that story always makes me so sad...

and their giant hearts!

giraffes befuddle me so, in such a good way. :)

jenny vorwaller said...

HAHahahha!! aaaahaha!

the word verification just now~

"type the characters you see in the picture above"

~was this:


kid ripper? haha mkay. its late. :)

Chuck Rose said...

Or maybe it was "Kid Rappa" the latest star in the hip hop world! :-)

Laura said...

I love his look of hauteur. I guess all that haut helps ;D. You have the best pencil texture, Mr. C.

Chuck Rose said...

Yea, giraffes have REALLY long hauts!

Dr. said...

An old friend of mine used to explain why giraffes are so scared of even low barriers: "If, when you were born, you fell five or six feet the ground, you'd be forever scared of falling again, too." Very nicely done, Chuck.