Friday, September 08, 2006

Number two in a series?

Number two in a series?
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It was 10:00 last night. I was really tired because it was a long day at work. The TV was on and it was tempting to just plop down and veg. But I didn't. I went down stairs and did another little one. This might have been better had it been earlier in the day and my brain a bit fresher, but that's OK. It was just fun to do.

Oil on canvas board 4' x 6"


Pilan said...

Hi there, I found you through illustration fridays painting.

I must say, your landscape are nice. Using the thicker paint would definately add to the dimension in them. I do like the one with thicker paint and nice shadowing.

Dave said...

I'm happy to see you painting and saying no to the vegging. These make me want to try some simple landscapes myself. They have a calm feeling to them. Way to go. I'd buy one.

trophiogrande said...

nice landscape.

carla said...

This, and the the first one below, is so wonderfully atmospheric. I lovehow the hill sweeps up to the top of the land with the line of trees. Lovely!

Toni said...

wonderful little composition.
Definately has an autumn atmosphere

sa said...
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