Monday, December 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by chuckrose1.

Well, we had our office holiday party over the weekend and it was a great time like every year. This painting was my secret Santa gift for one of my coworkers. We were encouraged to make our gift but only a few of us did, so I was a little embarressed. But she sent me a photo of it hanging in her house so I guess she liked it.

I took a look through my photos of it and thought it would be interesting to view the progression in one image. Hey, did I just make new art out of old art?


Linda said...

Oh, I believe you DID just make new art out of old -- you re-arted.
:-D And what an awesome gift -- I'll bet she was delighted! (and I'm sure your brother will be thrilled with the picture of the two of you, too -- what a hoot!)

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