Sunday, July 15, 2007

Creek near the house

There is a spot I drive by almost everyday coming home from work. It's one of those roads that, in it's day, was the major route of transportation. These days it has been replaced by a four lane divided highway that runs parallel to it. But I prefer to take the old road. It takes you down to a very old bridge that is only wide enough for one car. My neighbors and I wave each other across when we approach it.

Under this bridge is a beautiful little creek. I having been driving by it for the last seven years. As you can see (if I have done my job right) it is a wonderful little place. I wanted to capture it to share with all of you.

I learned a lot about landscape painting from doing this painting. It was like painting a room with four walls. I was trying to capture the three dimensional space within it.

More to come!


Laureline said...

Gosh, this is lovely. You're really made a little world with this painting, Chuck. I feel as if I were RIGHT there.

Chuck Rose said...

Thanks. That's exactly what I was shooting for. Right next to a very busy highway was this little room of light that not very many people see. Which is a shame, because it's beautiful.

Doris Glovier said...

Chuck, this is peaceful and so beautifully rendered!

Linda said...

Perfect! And it does encirle you, just like a wonderful room!

Carolyn said...

Well hello stranger!
This painting is just lovely... the effect you've captured with the sunlight thru the trees is wonderful!!

Yellow said...

The sunlight on the water is magical. I love the way you've focused on an intimate area, rather than painting a broader view. It looks like a private, secret place in your painting. How large is this painting please?

Tawhid Khan said...

This is amazing! The shades and color combinations are so amazing; I thought it’s a part of haven where I can spend the rest of my life. It’s awesome, I admit you are my inspiration for coming back to art and painting.
Tawhid Khan []

Carolyn Hietala said...

It doesn't appear to me that painting is a "struggle"... ha.
Beautiful landscape... congrats ;0)

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