Friday, October 28, 2005

Blind Contour Fish Story

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

OK, I'm trying this BC thing out in earnest for the first time since art school. I was looking around the studio for something to draw, and staring me right in the face is a 14 foot long blue marlin.

No, I'm not taking drugs.

I actually have a 14 foot long blue marlin hanging on the wall in the basement where I work. I caught it in 1994 and now it stares down at me in disgust. I fought it's 575 pounds for 3 and a half hours, and for what? So it could be stuffed and live on my wall and watch me make bad art? It was much more majestic when I first hooked it. It must have jumped 10 feet out of the ocean and waved it's body at me in defiance. It glistened in the sunlight and then continued to play me until I was spent. But in the end it lost the fight.

Looking back, I wish it had gotten away.


oldhall said...

If you'd let it get away, you now would have a painting of a bare wall.

Maybe not.

Chuck Rose said...

Welcome Zen Master.
Seriously, thanks for the comment. It has me thinking...

Laura said...

Now you're talking! I love the first one, you really got his wild spirit. I love the second one, too. I think you got his inner bluejay in that one ;D. Keep 'em going!

Chuck Rose said...

Hey Laura. I'm trying. You guys have fun today.

Chuck Rose said...

Man, you're right. The second one does look like a blue jay. This blind contour stuff is for the birds.

Sorry, somebody had to say it.

Anonymous said...

Man, I am a sucker for fish drawings - even BCF ones. Like the the washes to add colour.


Spider Girl said...

I like the looseness of the images---very watery-feeling, as a fish image should be.

The second fish looks more gleeful than the first: the one that got away. :)

Laura said...

Don't be discouraged!! (You aren't really, I don't think.) Blind contouring is so great for loosening up and discovering your inner silliness.