Monday, January 30, 2006

The UberLord of Video

Yes, more meeting doodles. This one is based a little more in reality than the last one.

This is a sketch of the guy who does a lot of the video on our site. He's really much nicer than I make him out to be in this sketch. I started thinking about what it would be like to have total control of part of the website, and he was sitting across the table from me, and one thing lead to another, and well, there you go.... UberLord of Video.

Here's a detail. I'm thinking about starting a moleskine for office meetings so I can avoid the annoying blue lines in our standard notepads. It would also allow me to use water color after the fact. The problem is our Executive Editor uses one for taking notes in meetings (no, he doesn't draw in his) and I'm afraid people will think I'm brown-nosing. But what the Hech!


Bill said...

i think its a good idea. And your not copying cause you don't take notes.

Chuck Rose said...

Very funny son. I DO take notes - just in hyroglyphics.

ROR said...

I'm with you Bill, only saw two notes.....hahaha He should just make sure his moleskin pad is "Smaller" then the Boss's...:)

Linda said...

I just want to know how you can get away with doodling during meetings! Is it the whole art director thing, that lets you fool people into thinking you're really working, or what? (sigh) Great "doodles" though. I should do so well. :-)

Sparky said...

Hey, if people don't see the scrub bar under the charts, screw 'em!

Chuck Rose said...

I think people just kind of expect it. My boss does the same thing. Being from a creative department gives you a license to do such things I guess. You still have to pay attention though!

I'm with you. I thought the interface worked great.

Laura said...

Go for the Moleskine! Your brother is funny and also probably has give you good advice ;D. Doodle on, Dood!

Big Harry said...

That almost looks like me... only much better looking of course.

I've been visiting often.. sorry for the silence... i've been in a hurry!!!

Big H