Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting back to basics

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I was talking with a collegue of mine today about painting. And about blogging. We were looking at some beautiful lanscape paintings and it really got under my skin. Why I am I hesitating? What's holding me back? Why can't just go home tonight and paint?

I started to count this list off on my fingers. I've paid my bills for the month, I'm caught up on my freelance work, ( I could always do more when it it comes to my day job so what's one night ) There's nothing on TV I want to watch. My kids are all out doing things.


So I did.

I'm not finished with this piece, but I'm happy with it after a couple of hours of work, I wasn't sure if I should post the work in progress, but you know me... show everything.

So here's me getting back into oils after a vacatiion that has gone on way too long.



Nice painting. I've been doing the same recently, trying to grab time here and there. The world seems incredibly paintworthy. Keep it up.

Laura said...

Now, this is not a palette I would normally associate with you, although it is gorgeous. Do you take photos with an eye to future paintings?
I love the looseness of the paint handling here.

Laura said...

WAit! I just remembered the portrait you did of your teenage neighbor, dressed up as a pirate in a role he had performed! That had a similar, though redder, palette.
Just call me a groupie. What can I say.

Dr. Research said...

I think it's just one of those "Just Do It" kind of things. We consider it so self-indulgent (because it gives US such satisfaction) that we make all sorts of excuses to avoid it, lest you feel guilty. Just do it. Mrs. Chuck and the kids will recognize that Dad's a happier guy to be around if they let you have some time here and there for this.

(On the other hand, your kids won't be with you forever. Cherish every moment.)

Chuck Rose said...

Thanks guys. This is feeling pretty good so far.

Laura - Yes, I do shoot with future paintings in mind. Although what I REALLY need to do is get outside and paint in Plein Air! I take my camera with me just about everywhere because you never know when you'll see something you want to paint.

As for the palette, you know how I love contrast. And I find that the palette I use in water color is very different than the one I use in oil. Which explains why you remembered the pirate portrait. And also is a reminder to myself that it's been way too long since I painted in my favorite medium.

Doc Research - You couldn't be more correct. I'm in a better mood today than IO have been in a long time. But you really nailed it with your last sentence, which is a daily delima for me. I can't believe how quickly thay are growing up.

Dave said...

Glad you made it to the basement! Can't wait to see the final.

Carolyn said...

Oh Chuck, it is lovely and would make a wonderful gift!
Today was one of my days off and I woke early feeling happy that I would have a whole day to myself to be "Art Queen", what to do what to do!??!!! and so I spat out one dorky cartoon, pleased with the fact that at least I did something, at the same time thinking: "this is it?".
and now suddenly the sun is setting and the day is nearly over... where does the time go?
I need to go back to daily journaling, even if it is a lame doodle or two. I've been making too many excuses. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I make it a priority, even if it is only for a few minutes of the day.