Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I THINK I'm done

I THINK I'm done
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I wanted to finish this tonight. So I got to work after dinner. I ended up trying to tie the high lights in the sky into the foreground. And that was about it. I thought I had more work in front of me, but this is feeling pretty resolved. Perhaps when it dries I might add a violet glaze over the left portion of the house to push it back a bit.

My father's 80th birthday is comig up in very soon. He just bought a new home in the mountains of North Carolina. My wife suggested giving this to him as a house warming/birthday present. What do you think?


Linda said...

I thinks its fantastic! But -- I would also agree about a VERY light glaze on the house -- something to push it back, and maybe even give a little shadow play for fun. ?
:-D What am I saying? Not being an oil painter I have NO idea! It looks great, and if my daughter were to give me a painting like that for a gift, I would treasure it forever, so I'd bet your dad would, too.

Chuck Rose said...

I think I agree with you Linda. I have too many focal points competing for attention.

Laura said...

Well, you could give it away or you could save it to jumpstart the process of your first show. I know how generous you are (believe me!) but if you want to amass a body of work, you might want to change your mindset on that score. Or you might not. You're the boss here ;D.
I agree with the violet glaze in the left foreground. I think you've got enough shadows going on as is.

jess said...

I can offer no insight into painting technically, but I learned that the French began painting landscapes (without people in them) because the new bourgeosie were too frenzied-stressed out by work, living in cities, and the study of psychology suggested that viewing landscapes would calm their minds. Insert joke here about French stress... But I think, if I were your dad, this would be the best gift I could receive because it is personal, because it is calm, because it reflects part of your essence and gifts -- so that it's simultaneoulsy part of you, and so part of him.