Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Another Meeting Doodle...of the BOSS!

Here's the next meeting doodle. This is my boss's boss. It was actually this guy that got me blogging to begin with. Here's the original doodle from one of our project meetings: ( I swear I was paying attention. I just can't remember what the meeting was about.)

And here's a water color based on it. Same technique as before. I scanned the original doodle and printed it our on WC paper. Then went to town on it with some simple watercolor pigments.

By The Way: I could get fired for this! :-)


Karen Winters said...

Chuck, it turned out great! What kind of w/c paper do you like to print out on? I've been using some Fabriano Uno 140 cut to inkjet printer size when I do my paintovers. Is yours smooth, rough?

Chuck Rose said...

Hey Karen,
I think it's Strathmore. I have used several brands though. I buy it in 5.5" x 8.5" pads. Each sheet is perferated so it's easy to remove. It does have a rough texture. I like the way the water puddles up on a rough texture better.

Karen Winters said...

Cool. Mine's a sort of medium-rough. Not smooth but not really chunky either. Do you have any problem with the inkjet ink running when you add water? I find that if I let it dry a bit it's not an issue. I've only got an HP printer, though, not one of those fancy Epson waterproof pigment numbers.

I think one of the best things about watercoloring over a printout scan is if you want to make multiple copies for friends, you can ... and ... if you don't like the results, you haven't messed up the original drawing.

Lindsay said...

Hi Chuck, Who needs a job anyway! Besides there are a million want adds for doodlers.

I just read your post about photoshop....too late! I just got photoshop! But truth to tell, it will probably just be used for editing and i really like hand work.!

Terri said...

Chuck I love this. :o) I was actually going to sketch my husband's boss for the 'tool' challenge. LOL. But I thought better of it. Both the original sketch and the watercolour version are terrific. Love your work. :o)

Chuck Rose said...

Thanks Terri. You just made me LOL for real! Funny.

Linda said...

Note to Chuck's boss: If you are reading this, please do not fire Chuck. He is a good and valuable employee, and pays attention to his work, despite appearances. We like him. You should, too. Thank you very much.
Amnesty for Chuck, International

Big Harry H said...

You blow my mind, man. It's just freak'n great. Nuff said.

Big Harry

Eefje said...

Love all your works!
I'd love to learn how to use watercolor like you do. Very nice!