Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sponging off my famous friends

I guess I had to do ot sometime. This is a sketch of a friend of ours whose face you may not recognize, but who has produced some work which you probably have seen. This is Alan Ball. He won an Oscar for Original screenplay in 2000 for the film American Beauty. He is also the Executive producer of the popular HBO series Six Feet Under.

I wish we saw more of Alan. He's out in LA living the successful Hollywood life, but when we do see him, it's just like it was 25 years ago when we were all poor creative people living in Florida.


Linda said...

Wow, what an expressive portrait! You have a really great use of line -- and I love those comically sad eyes!! Is this done from a photo or from life? You did a good job with the far eye (smaller than the near eye) making it look like it is supposed to, and not that you got the eyes the wrong size ... I'm not sure I'm saying this right ... it has been a long day! ;-)

Chuck Rose said...

I think I know what you mean. The eyes are the way they are because I was just drawing what was in front of me.

I did do this from a photo. Those are Alan's sad eyes alright. Sad, but brilliant.

Wally said...

Beautiful! His sardonic intelligence shines right through.