Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm new to this

Ok, so I work for a very large media company (that shall remain nameless). I am a web designer by day and spend my time creating and thinking about online journalism. But unlike the usual point of view on this topic, I am not an editor or reporter. I'm a graphic designer.

Lately, blogging has had an impact on the industry I work in. This blog is my way of discovering what this trend is all about and how it effects what's happening on the web. But I thought if I wanted to get the full impact of what the blogging experience is all about, I should take a more personal approach. So I am going to explore the other professional interest in my life.... painting.

Like many artists I know, we make our living in related fields that pay the bills, feed our families and get us through life. I'm no different. My creative passion has always centered around painting, but the requirements of life have tended to pull me in other directions.

BUT... as a 43-year-old-man, I have started to see enough of life to know that it isn't eternal. I have seen some friends and family pass from this earth and I am reminded (heavily) that our time on this planet is limited. It makes you question how you spend your time.

If I had my choice, I would paint everyday. But I have daily obligations... commute, work, commute... Bla, bla, bla....
I have realized, that I need to find/make the time to paint. Because time is running out.

I thought my struggle to find that time and my struggle to be proficient at my art might make an interesting blog, and be an experience that I can take back to my day-job in a fullfilling way.

We'll see what happens............

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karina said...

Your work is incredible! there are no other words for it.
Thank you! you are an inspiration.