Monday, May 23, 2005

What a busy weekend!

My wife and I are doing a bit of remodeling to the house. I spent the weekend preparing the family room for a new floor. I removed the carpet, and screwed down the subfloor but got no painting done on Captain Chris's portrait. I hope to get some work in on it tonight. And there you have it, more reasons not to paint...

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Carolyn said...

Hi Chuck,
It's Carolyn. Thanks for your encouraging comments. I enjoyed visiting your blog, and therefore I am bookmarking it so I can visit every now and then. I like how you tell the stories behind your paintings, and that you've included progress shots.
I do have the Betty Edwards book, but I've never worked through it. Perhaps now I will, I think it can help me benchmark my progress by doing particular exercises, rather than drawing the way I always have.
The painting of the clouds and the tree-lined field is remarkable... at first I thought it was a photograph!
Thanks again for your comments. Talk to you soon,