Thursday, May 12, 2005

Let's move on... Next project

I think I am going to park the boys on the dock for a bit. I'm moving on to something that has recently caught my attention. A neighbor of mine has a seventeen-year-old high school senior that is a very creative individual. He is artistic and very involved in the Theater program at his high school.

He recently wrote, directed and starred in a play at the school in which he plays a pirate captain. I photographed the play and thought I might get a portrait out of it.

Tonight I produced the following pencil sketch:

Sketch for "Captain Chris" Pencil 12" x 9"

Next will come a color study or straight to an oil portrait. Check back in to see what happens...


Jim said...

I wish I could paint and draw well enough to match some of the stuff you discard: wow, wonderful images, beautiful drawings and paintings! I cannot offer any constructive criticisms to your work, and if you don't mind, I'd like to create a link to your site from mine.

Sketches and Stuff

Chuck Rose said...

Hey Jim,
Thanks. I'm very flattered. By all means please add a link to me on your site. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a lot,

Sparky said...

I like your work and especially your attitude. Approaching art-making with a little humility really opens up the possibilities, IMHO.

Chuck Rose said...

Sup Wally? Man, I'm glad you got the point. Trying to paint humbles me like nothing else. There is so much talent out there it can be a bit intimidating. I think the fear of failing and my hectic schedule combined make this truly a struggle to paint.

Thanks for yoour humble opinion. :-)