Monday, May 23, 2005

It may be Monday, but I can pay bills tomorrow! Or Captain Chris: Session Three

I'm starting to add the darkest value now. A 50/50 mix of Transparent Oxide Red and Ultramarine Blue.

When I got up this morning, my plan was to balance my checkbook and pay bills when I got home from work tonight. But, I was really in the mood to get back to this portrait. So, I figure, hey, get up early tomorrow morning, get the kids off to school and then take an hour or so to deal with the financial details of life. I am fortunate to have a job that I don't have to show up to until 11:00 am at the latest (I'm in the news biz you know) show I can take the time in the morning.

So, before dinner tonight (have you noticed a food theme yet? Carolyn made an incredible salmmon stuffed with crabmeat) I spent a little time with the captain. Funny thing was, while I was working on this, the model called me on the phone. If you have read earlier posts, you know this portrait is of a neighbor who is a gifted 17-year-old. He called to tell me he just decided what college he would be attending. The funny thing is he knows nothing about this portrait. Hopefully it will make a nice graduation gift.

Anyway, here is the next session with "The Captain". I added more of the darkest values in the painting. A very warm "black" mixed from Transparent Oxide Red and Ultramarine Blue in equal amounts.

With any luck, in the next few days, you'll see some actual color hit the canvas. Once again, sorry about the glare. I have to find a better way to photograph work while it is still wet. If anyone has a suggestion, please post.


Laura said...

You're doing such a fine job, Chuck. Congratulations.

Chuck Rose said...

Thanks Laura, I just wish I were doing it more often!

Meredith said...

Wow! Thank you for showing this step by step. It's looking wonderful! Can't wait to see how it looks when you are finished with it.

Chuck Rose said...

Hey Meredith,
Thanks for stopping buy. I'm anxious to see it finished too. I hoping that might happen this weekend.

Hey, I stopped by your blog and see that you sell a lot on Ebay. I've bought things on it but not sold anyhting. I see that you sell your paintings there. Do you get many takers?

Shelly McC said...

Wow, what a wonderful painting. Interesting to see it happening! Thanks.

pedalpower said...

I am enjoying your blog--found you from Everyday Matters. I'm sure Chris is going to be floored when he sees his painting!

DEVON said...

Absolutely beautiful work! Thanks for sharing... It was a lucky stumble across your work. Very inspiring.