Tuesday, February 07, 2006

May the Moleskine be with you

Well, it's getting busy again so I have to rely on my meeting notes once more for my post.

Today's meeting was about blogs. It was a meeting with a large attendance, 20 people maybe. Somebody in the room alluded to bloggers being people that sat in their basements with their Star Wars figurines. I took umbrage with that. I immediately left the conference room and retrieved my over-sized Yoda Pez dispenser. I set it in the middle of the conference table and said nothing. Then I proceeded to draw it during the course of the meeting. It was all taken in good humor so all is well and I am still employed.

And as you can see I still took my notes. I don't know who the bald guy is with all the questions. Perhaps it's me a few years from now.

Chewbacka and I will be posting from my basement tomorrow.


Laura said...

That was so funny of you! I bet everybody cracked up---I would have. I'm glad to see you're drawing, whatever the motive or format.

Chuck Rose said...

You know it's not my favorite form of drawing, but that's all I got today.:-(

inki said...

You have meetings about blogs?
Very nice drawing. :)

Chuck Rose said...

Yes Inki, we do. I work for a major news site and we have bloggers on staff. They use bligs that I designed ao we meet on a regular basis to make sure it's working well for them.

Wendee said...

Ha! I've worked at places where that would've gotten me put on probation! [Sad, but indeed true. sigh]
I've been enjoying your blog - -Drawings from meetings.. Any day we get to draw, no matter why or what, is probably a good day.
Looking forward to more! :)

amanda said...

may the force be with you chuck. amen

Rrramone said...

Tomorrow has come and gone my friend! Where are the posts? :-)